Noia’s “empanada” (Galician pie) is, along with cockles, one of the gastronomy stars in the town and its surroundings. That is why, starting in 1979 and coinciding with the “San Bartolomé” festivities, the “Empanada” Festival is held to pay tribute to this traditional delicacy, which can be savoured all year long in any of the municipality’s restaurants or bars. Noia’s “empanada” can be made with cornmeal or wheat flour. In the case of the latter, it is interesting to note that here, unlike in the rest of Galicia, once the pie is in the oven, it is turned over just like a Spanish omelette. During the festival, apart from tastings, there may also be an important pie contest featuring the participation of both professional and amateur cooks.



Noia - Noia


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