Noia is linked to the different fields of culture, by means of its heritage and the variety of events that are held in the municipality throughout the year, some of which are internationally renowned.

Our history in its different periods, which has left its mark throughout our locality, can be seen in our historic buildings, including an extensive collection of “pazos” (ancestral homes), museums centred on guild tombstones or our fishing tradition, archaeological remains in scenic spots or bridges, which overcome the natural barriers formed by rivers and the Atlantic and are now one of our town’s identifying features. Culture is alive in Noia and if you want to plan a holiday where you can enjoy an interesting programme of events, here you have some suggestions.

All year long, you can enjoy live music in the streets of the old town, especially during the jazz and harp festivals, which feature the main Galician artists and important musicians from all over the world.

Cinema is very important in the town thanks to our short film festival, which has been held for more than twenty years and is one of those that collaborates with the Goya Awards in order to draw up a short list. Galician artisans are also present in the town during the Medieval Fair, whose main objectives include the promotion of Galician Crafts.

And if what you are looking for is a trip with a marked historical character, do not forget to discover the history of the Portus Apostolis, which links the city with the history of the Camino de Santiago and the whole legend around it.