Located in the Alameda (park), beside the renaissance Church of San Francisco, its façade features a neogothic tower with a large entrance arch and ornamental battlements at the top. It was built in modern times, in the mid-20th century, and refurbished by the Santiago architect Leoncio Bescansa. It houses coats of arms from buildings in Noia, which are kept in the ground-floor cloister, as well as remains from the building that belonged to the Franciscans; it is also worth noting the curious medieval pointed arch that belonged to the Hospital del Santo Espíritu de Afora (the term “Afora” indicates that it was located outside the city wall), whose keystones feature engravings related to pilgrimages (a staff with a gourd, and a shell) since this hospital catered to pilgrims; another engraving refers to the mythical original of Noia (according to legend, it was founded by Noah) with a keystone depicting Noah’s ark and a dove. According to a variation of the foundational myth, Noia was founded by Noah’s granddaughter Noela.



Rúa Rosalía de Castro - 15200 Noia


42.78509600, -8.88758100


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