It was built in 1928 by the famous stonemason “Pepe da Agulla.” Noia’s Casino is an emblematic building that stands out due to its architecture and history, as well the many cultural and leisure activities that are held here.

The architecture of its façade reflects an eclectic style inspired by neo-baroque aesthetics. The most significant elements, from a stylistic perspective, are: its columns, projecting balconies combining iron and stone, and arched, lintelled windows; in relation to its decoration, it is worth highlighting its carved stone, balustrades, pinnacles and iron railings. The Casino, which is classed as a singular architectural building, now houses the Multi-Purpose Visitor Centre of the Ria of Muros-Noia Geo-Destination.



Rúa Galicia - 15200 Noia


42.78418670, -8.88801300

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