The entire ensemble formed part of the convent built in the 16th century.

The church reflects an ogival-Renaissance style with a Latin-cross ground plan featuring short transept arms housing chapels with vaults from the end of the late Gothic period. The Chapel of the Epistle houses the 16th-century tombs of Bermúdez de Castro, a knight belonging to the Order of St. John of Malta, and Pedro de Losada, who was one of his majesty’s “continos” (100 Royal Guards that continuously kept watch over the royal family). Beside the Chapel of the Gospel, on the wall of the nave, we can see a beautiful mural painting from the 16th century depicting St. Christopher.

The Main Chapel is dominated by a magnificent altarpiece made in the 20th century that depicts Our Lady, St. Claire and St. Francis.

Both inside and outside, in the area next to the church’s sanctuary, there are numerous coats of arms belonging to families that contributed funds to build the church.

The 16th-century cloister, which used to form part of the convent, is accessed via the Town Hall. The cloister has two floors, with the ground floor featuring the original basket-handle arches.



Rúa Fray Lois Rodríguez - 15200 Noia


42.78492689, -8.88757740


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