Meet some of the most special corners of Noia

That Noia has a variety of things to see, it is already known, but what is sure to be not many of their secrets. In this post we want to discover some of your corners so that when you finish reading you know Noia, and without having to move the car from home.

If you like it is to walk through nature, evading you from crowded streets and agglomerations, some of these places will surprise you.

The most spectacular routes of Noia

  • Practice hiking on the shores of the Tambre.

This route begins at the hydroelectric plant of the Tambre River Reservoir, the work of the architect Antonio Palacios. It is a quiet area where if what you are looking for is enjoying nature will be ideal. On this walk you can see the River Tambre from a hanging bridge. From there you have three options: blue trail (1250m), green (1500m) or red (3500m), where each one has a higher level of difficulty, so you choose.

In this Green Galicia environment you will also see a walkway that offers an amazing panoramic of the Tambre River and a merender, where if you go quietly you can stop to rest and eat something to catch energy, I assure you that a stop there is enough to connect with the nature. Other points you can find on this route will be the old school and even a waterfall on the San Xusto River, very close to the road.

  • Cross by its rivers through Ponte Nafonso and Ponte de Traba.

This first is one of the longest of Galicia as it was built to join Outes and Noia. It crosses the Tamre River, which flows into the Ría de Muros and Noia. If you want to enjoy incredible views to see this mouth you can not miss the views of Mount San Lois, there you will have a beautiful bench to sit down to admire the views. In addition, in Ponte Nafonso you will have one of the most beautiful sunsets in Noia.

Ponte de Traba is the most relevant, it was built on the S.XV on a bridge that, surrounded by vegetation, crossed the Roman via that crosses Barbanza. At the mouth of the Rio Traba are the mills of Pedrachán, which are another point of interest for dealing with restored medieval mills, awarded with architectural prizes.

  • Meet Punta Paralada or "Pedra da Fada".

In A Barquiña we can see the Tambre River before its mouth in the sea. From there you can appreciate an incredible view of the Ría de Noia. Here we must know a legend, and it is that it is said that a siren lives there,

Come and check if it's true!

  • Go up to Mount Iroite.

It belongs to four municipalities in the area and is the highest top of the Sierra del Barbanza. This means that again we can enjoy spectacular views, this time to the Ría de Arousa on one side and the Ría de Muros and Noia to the other.


If you are a fan of landscapes like the ones we have just speaking, from the tireless hiking trails and if you like to discover less masified places, Noia can offer you all these plans. With which you stay?