The best plans to do near Santiago de Compostela

Noia is a municipality of A Coruña who is very close to Santiago de Compostela, approximately half an hour by car. For its history and its charms should be a place to score on your itinerary if you visit the Galician capital, especially if you match a sunny day and high temperatures and you need to bathe in our Atlantic waters.

Surely now with the arrival of the Holy Galician year, known as Xacobeo year, you want to come, so do we see it together?

Noia, your alternatives if you want to know beyond Santiago

It does not matter how much of your trip, whether it is to enjoy tourism and the tranquility of Galicia or because you need the experience of taking the Camino de Santiago, in Noia you have many plans to choose the most adequate you without getting away a lot of Compostela

We started,

  • Endless rides for your historic center.

Maybe you come from walking KMS and KMS and do not want to do nothing more than take something on a terrace, but at least if that is going to be your plan that is enjoying the views of medieval Noia.

Its old area stands out for its houses sailors as the Casa da xouba and the Pazo Dacosta, and also for its churches of: San Francisco, Santa María a Nova, where you can see the Museo das Laudas and its 500 stone tombstones from the fourteenth century to XIX, and the Church of San Martiño. The latter is in the Praza do Tapal and is noted by its unfinished tower. Yes, what you read, it was said that whoever tried to finish it would have a fatal destination, which is known as the "black legend".

In addition to the charm that the old area has on its own, in July we have the medieval fair of Noia, so look good your calendar are not going to be the only one without dressing the medievo, although quiet that if this happens you can rent some suit and feel you A real medieval.

  • Know the Dolmen de Argalo to enjoy the oldest architecture in the world.

Very close to the center of Noia we can see this megalithic tomb best known by A Cova da Moura. It was excavated several times to look for treasures and even a multitude of objects such as arrowheads or remnants of campaniform ceramic. Nearby we can see the Fervenza de Argalo, which will surely impress you. It is an attraction on the Vilaboa River.

  • Finally, we arrive at the beaches.

 The beach of Testal is large and has the hottest water than others, but it is the closest to the Villa de Noia, that is why it is usually the most filled in summer.

On the other hand, we have Boa Pequena and Boa Grande are two of the quieter beaches. The first is smaller in case you are looking for a more relaxed beach and Boa Grande has restaurants and better services.


We could continue boasting from Villa, but perhaps with this it is already enough for you to encourage us to visit us. Our landscapes will not disappoint you and but we can always stay in that terrace of the old town we talked at the beginning. I hope I helped you discover Noia!