Welcome to Noia tourism’s new website

Noia Town Council would like to welcome you to our locality’s new tourist website, a portal that we hope will serve as a gateway for all those interested in discovering our tourist attractions or learning more about our town before, during or after their visit. 

At https://www.noiaturismo.com/en you will find an up-to-date website divided into five different sections, which makes it easy to surf and to find information quickly: Explore our town, Enjoy, Plan your trip, What to do and Latest news.

The section “Explore our town” features the tourist resources that you cannot miss when you come to visit us. To make it easier to search, it is divided into different thematic groups (festivals and markets, heritage, nature and landscape, gastronomy, beaches, Portus Apostoli and museums and interpretation centres, our history), which means that you can click your way through it, item by item, in order to find all the information and curiosities about our municipality. A real guided tour throughout our locality presented as an interactive experience that you can enjoy in front of your computer, tablet or mobile phone screen, thanks to its responsive design that adapts to any device.

However, apart from learning about our tourist resources, Noia Tourism wants your stay to be amusing and entirely to your liking. That is why, in the section “Enjoy”, we suggest a series of plans and routes throughout our municipality, which you can choose depending on whether you are travelling as a family or if you have come to enjoy the best products of our gastronomy; if you feel like participating in adventure activities or if you prefer a more relaxing trap, steeping yourself in the spirit of slow tourism; or if you want to enjoy the extensive range of cultural events and activities that are organised in our town all year long.

Whatever you choose in the end, we know that you will need some practical information about our municipality in order to organise your trip. In the section “Plan your trip,” you will find all the information you need, such as the addresses of the main public buildings or transport services, the business hours and customs in our area, the location and opening hours of the tourist office or a directory featuring the town’s main accommodation, eating and leisure establishments.

In addition, our website also includes an updated entertainment guide featuring all the events and activities of interest that will be held during the time of your visit, and a section of latest news where you will find curiosities, new recommendations and more information about the municipality of Noia.

At Noia Tourism, we hope that you will find the content of our website useful, that you enjoy discovering our municipality’s secrets and, above all, that we will be able to welcome you very soon to our town. We are waiting for you in Noia!